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Company Name Goshi India Auto Parts Pvt.Limited(India)
Address P.No363,364,Sector 3,Industrial Growth Centre,Bawal,Phase II Distt.Rewari,Haryana 123501,India
TEL 91-1284-264-041

■ Established:Jun 2006 ■ Started Operations:December 2008
■ Capital:250 Million IRS ■ Equity:99.96%  ■ Number of Employees :87
■ Major Products:Metal catalyzers (L40/L60/L90/L100)

Established in Haryana State Bawal of India in 2008,GIA manufactures catalyst support primarily for HERO HONDA and HIMSI(HONDA MOTORCYLE & SCOOTER INDIA).

Key Equipment

< Make made of support equipment > Marking machine 6
Inner coating equipment 2
Only core-making machine 4
Ayer Press 4
Core injection machine 4
Drying equipment 4
Vacuum furnace 2
Universal testing machine 1
Defat line 1
Bench drilling machine 2
< Incidental equipment > 625KVA generator 3
50KVA generator 1

Major Products

Metal catalyzers(catalyst carriers) for motorcycle exhaust emission control devices

Swing arm COMP

Rear pipe COMP

Main pipe COMP